KAAC signs MoU with OIL

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) and the Oil India Limited have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) before the prospective excavation of oil starts in and around Diphu headquarter town of Karbi Anglong Autonomous district.

The long-awaited excavation of oil and natural gas in Karbi Anglong (Arakan basin) was supposed to be taken on by the government-owned Oil India Limited shortly after the formal discussion with the local authorities. OIL was almost certain about the presence of a huge deposit of hydrocarbon in a vastly spared area of this district, and the issue was pushed forward meticulously.

The official confirmation came on February 5, 2016, when a team of Duliajan based Oil India officials met officials of KAAC and the district administration after two days meeting since their arrival on Feb 4 2016 agreed on principle to go ahead with the OIL’s proposal.

It all came out in the public domain in 2016. The petroliferous locations identified by the survey team in the eastern part of Diphu are Dilaji, Doldoli, Dhansiri, Rongapahar, and Maisibailam areas of Assam-Arakan basin, which is at the fringe of Diphu town, the official headquarters of this sixth scheduled autonomous district.

The autonomous Council and the district administration assured the OIL authority to provide full support in the hydrocarbon extraction process as the drilling operations will subsequently lend a hand to boost the socio-economic condition of the district as a whole.